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With the demand for earthquake proof house designs increasing every day, more and more New Zealanders are asking us why Fraemohs Original Timber Homes perform so well in earthquakes compared to conventional houses. And the answer? Innovative design and earthquake proof building materials.

The pitfalls of conventional housing

In conventional timber and steel stud homes, the wall studs are typically set at 600mm crs with two rows of dwangs braced by metal angle bracing and plaster board.  During an earthquake these walls can twist and break.

We use solid timber and an interlocking design system

In our Original Timber Homes, the walls are solid timber. Each wall plank consists of three laminated timber boards, making them stronger than one piece of timber the same thickness. And each plank interlocks with the next, creating strong joints between planks and at the corners. There’s also no separate framing, cladding or lining in our Timber Homes – just a solid timber structure – allowing the house to flex as one during an earthquake, rather than twisting out of shape.

Our Timber Homes perform exceptionally well in earthquakes

New Zealand homes are designed to not collapse during an earthquake and protect from loss of life. That’s not to say the home won’t still suffer damage beyond repair. But a Fraemohs Original Timber home typically survives earthquakes undamaged, which is great for the people living in them.

One home owner said: ‘I was in Hanmer in a wooden Fraemohs chalet when the first big 7.5 hit… the chalet was great – strong as a boat in a storm as we rocked and rolled. It was built on a good thick concrete pad and the interlocking beam walls performed perfectly.’

And Tina in Spencerville said, ‘I live in a Fraemohs home and after three major earthquakes we have had no damage.’

The beauty of a Fraemohs Original Timber Home is the safety and durability it provides. Following an earthquake proof house design and made with earthquake proof building materials, the interlocked solid timber structure means you won’t have to deal with repairs if an earthquake hits. And that’s peace of mind, for you and your family.




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